Our services and all activities are open to everyone. We offer a warm welcome to all, particularly those just arriving in the Lausanne area.  We are interested in who you and would love to get to know you well.  
Your time with the Scots Kirk is valued regardless of how long or short your stay in the area.  

People often are here, at least initially, on their own and have to establish contacts and new friendships often in the midst of demanding work schedules.  Language and cultural differences present new challenges.   Many of us at The Scots Kirk have been in that position.  We understand what it’s like to live as expatriates and not having the usual family support structures nearby.   We offer you spiritual, emotional, and practical support as you settle into the area.  Our minister, Ian, is available to give individual support and will be happy to meet with you, just ask him! 

You may also sign up for Cornerstone magazine or e-mail updates with Ian. 

How do I become a member of the church? 
Worship at the Scots Kirk is open to you without question or fuss.  However, if you would like to transfer your membership certificate from your previous church, or simply make your own profession of faith and express a  deeper personal commitment to the work and fellowship of Christ’s community here at the Scots Kirk then please contact the minister, Ian.