Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care Team of the Scots Kirk, together with the Minister, is available to offer help and support—practical and spiritual—to anyone in need.

Should you, or someone you know, be feeling stressed, worried, unwell, need help with child care or in transitioning to the Lausanne area, we are ready to visit and either listen, with respect and in confidence, or lend a practical hand.

Maybe you are willing to cook a meal for a new family or for someone recuperating at home after surgery.
Would you write to one or more of our young adults currently abroad at University?  
Are you able to commit to pray for others? 
If you have said Yes to any of these then join the Pastoral Care Team and make a start!   

Prayer Book

The prayer book at the church entrance is available for anyone who requests to be mentioned in the prayers of intercession.

We are here to help.

Please feel free to contact the Minister or the Coordinator of the Pastoral Care Team.

Ian McDonald, Minister: 021 / 323 98 28
Catherine Cowper, Coordinator: 021 / 801 21 06

Pastoral Care Team members are trained and participate in the provisions for Safeguarding.  


Johnson Amuzu
Janet Beard
Daniel Blaser
Sari Etter
Geraldine Ewen
Alice Goodman
Cynthia Gunn
Helen McDonald
Jean McIntyre
Sylvia Rubli
Madeleine Rudolf

Prayer Link
Sylvia McKillop