Sunday School

Mothers' Day is always beautifully celebrated at the Scots Kirk

Mothers’ Day is always beautifully celebrated at the Scots Kirk

At the Scots Kirk we pride ourselves on the care, Christian education and help that we offer to children of all ages.   

Every Sunday we have a Creche which looks afterall young kids from 8 month old babies up to toddlers of 3 and a half years old. We run a comprehensive Sunday School which provides Christian education for 20 children in three classes.  Our Goal: is to provide Christian education to children with lessons relevant to their age group. With the Minister’s support and teachers working together, all our Sunday School children follow a curriculum based on the same lesson, although given in different ways according to their class level.

Offerings: At the beginning of each lesson, the children attending Sunday School have the opportunity to donate some of their pocket money to a special charity. Through their offerings, our Sunday School sponsors a young child, Yasmina, in the Lebanon, through the BibleLands Organisation which is based in the UK. This sponsorship provides for Yasmina’s medical and educational needs and instills in our children an understanding and appreciation of helping others.


The Scots Kirk treats the safety and care of children as an absolute top priority. Training of all staff and volunteers is central to this tenet. In June 2013 a group of 14, including 9 Creche and Sunday School teachers along with 2 Youth Group members and 2 church members completed the Safeguarding Training given by Revd Jim Sharp.  This was followed in June 2014 by a further group training of 7, including 4 Sunday School teachers who completed a refresher Safeguarding Training given by Jim Sharp.  More information on the Kirk’s commitment to Safeguarding is available from the minister, the Christian Education Coordinator and Sunday School staff.

Please contact sundayschool(at)  if you wish more information.

Christian Education Coordinator – Alice GoodmanorSunday School and Creche leader – Melanie Whitlow